The hat’s head keeps: He discovered us how to choose the right one

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July 15, 2017
The hat to its size: The shape of the face determines what best suits
December 15, 2017
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Wide or narrow rims, straw or canvas, as a sun protection or “point on” and a great combination of clothing, hats have always been very popular, and most often we wear them in the summer.

To keep the hat on the head with great heat, especially in the last years when the sun is getting more and more damaging to the skin, it’s a well-known fact for everyone, but still, when choosing a hat for most of the most important thing, the hat is standing.

Is it too big or too small, whether our shape is broad or shorter, what color or structure is all the little things we pay attention to when buying a hat.

– It’s always important to look at the size, that’s the most important thing. That the hat is not too big, not to go over the ear. But again, one should pay attention to the fact that the hat is not too small, that it is not too tight and that it does not cling tightly – revealed to us by Damir Herceg, the most famous Varaždin clown.

As far as bidding is concerned, the hat has all the shapes and colors in abundance, from those that protect from the sun, to those who are more fashion addicts

With his advice and suggestions, the most famous Varaždin clown on the Trades Trades Square will always help in the selection of that ideal hat, and as he pointed out, in the end, it is most important that the person is satisfied with his hat standing and feel comfortable in his wear.

“We have the most straw hat, with a bigger or smaller rim, more or less open or airy. It depends on whether there are more or less holes. The best selling is just straw hat with a narrow band, they buy both women and men and are now very popular.

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