The hat to its size: The shape of the face determines what best suits

The hat’s head keeps: He discovered us how to choose the right one
November 22, 2017
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In addition to the trendy attachment, the hat is excellent sun protection because it protects against dangerous UV rays and thus reduces skin aging. The material should be airy to allow the skin and scalp to breathe, and the best choice is natural fabrics and straw. When selecting an ideal hat, apart from clothing, the shape of the face should be considered.

Cowboy hats fit to the round face
The round face is wider than the oval, so the hats that will visually lengthen it are best suited to him. A great choice is a hat with sharp edges and a tall clown like a cowboy hat. Hats with soft lines, lowered shoulder and low clobber should be avoided because the face will look wider than it actually is.

A four-faced face likes broad-haired hats
The four-faced face is short and has pronounced jaws, fitted with hats that will soften the sharp edges. The best choice is the lines with wide lines and wide rims, and if you cut them off, they will relieve the pronounced jaws.

Panama’s hats are long-haired
With a narrow, oblong face, she wears broad-sleeved hats as the popular Panama hat because they visually shorten it. Foursquare hats and those with a high chin and a small shoulder should be avoided because they will stretch longer, and it is recommended to wear a hat that is attached to the foreheadline.

Srcolik’s face fit the narrow rim hats
A cheeky face with a narrow beard and a wide forehead do not fit broad-banded hats. The balance will include narrow-faced hats fingering with the face, while the rectangular shape should be avoided.

Oval face applies all shapes
The oval face is very grateful for the most varied types of hat. However, care should be taken in the size of the rim, so there is a rule, the higher you are, the greater the circumference.

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