How to Choose a Hat on Your Face

Do you love hats? Here’s how to choose the right model with your face!
February 22, 2017
An excellent fashion accessory for every season
July 15, 2017
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Women with a facial type, pointing down, you have to give up the cap.. In this case an excellent choice will be a hat, drapirovannyh na tulьe, and framed with different folds. Cobby women can not grow flat hats with wide fields. Owners of the same high growth should also give up hat, having high crowns and fields.

Caps of complex shapes do not completely fit on young girls. Young modern women are better off to give the advantage of neat little hats, sporty style hats, or casual boots. Women’s poodmaklake age are ideal caps of pale, non-contrasting colors.

The hat can be arranged with a ribbon or decorative pin. Caps with the ingenuity down the fields and decorate older women. The manifestation of the wholly open devotion will be considered as decoration of hats with ribbons, flowers, pins and veils at the same time.

A slim hat is associated with a sunny summer fashion. So she fits well with the dress or skirt of a mild summer fabric. Women wearing a straw hat with a cloth damp cloth, coat, unsuccessfully combine this addition to the chosen clothing.

The hat with ribbons and flowers is not suitable for women wearing glasses. The hat is absolutely not going with the male style kostûm. Do not make a tire with a hat under your chin. Better put her back, where the hair will be hidden.

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