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How to Choose a Hat on Your Face
April 2, 2017
The hat’s head keeps: He discovered us how to choose the right one
November 22, 2017
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World fashion designers agree that the look is sometimes incomplete without a hat. However, combining hats with other fashion accessories is often not easy. Everything you need to combine a hat is a little fancy and a little bit of fashion knowledge.

How to choose a hat?
Make sure that when you choose a hat, you look at yourself in the mirror.
Slim girls would have to keep in mind that the hat they chose has a diameter that does not exceed the width of the shoulders.
The hat is an excellent trend addition, but pay attention to what kind of material it is.
Women with a thin face should choose a hat that would cover most of the forehead.
It is a good idea to buy a hat that you will match with most of the clothes you have.
Be sure to combine the hat, fashion accessories and clothing color.
The hat should be firm when you put it on your head.

The most important rule is that the hat should be in harmony with the face. Always choose a hat according to your face shape:

Round face: For this type of face it is best to choose hats that will visually elongate it. Choose cowboy hats and those with low clowns.
Long face: The best choice for this face shape is the Panama hat because it will visually shorten your face.
Quartet face: choose hats with sharp edges.
Srcoliko’s Face: Due to the narrow beard, it is best to choose narrow-cut hats.
Oval face: Almost all kinds of hats fit.

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